Zowie EC1 vs EC2 

The Zowie EC series might just be the best mouse for people with medium hands that prefer an ergonomic shape. 

For whatever reason, there haven’t been many medium sized mice that have ergonomic shapes, but because of that reason, the Zowie EC series has an offering that few other mice can offer.

The mouse has a supremely comfortable shape with a soft rubber cable, a flawless sensor and a reasonable weight, all of this adds up to a mouse that performs really really well.

Shape & Design

The Zowie EC shape has been popular since its release in 2012 with the EC Evo. In 2019, the EC1 and EC2 shapes still fill a niche that few other mice do well, the EC versions occupy, and kind of dominates, the medium-ish ergonomic shape space with the only other mouse in this range being the Rival 310. Read also: Zowie EC2 B vs S2.

Because of its unique shape and size the EC series is uniquely positioned to fit large hands that want to palm and any size down that wants to claw or fingertip. It’s easy to see why the EC shape has stood the test of time.

The mouse buttons and sides of the mouse have deep grooves for an easy grip and comfort. The hump in the mouse is essentially in the middle of the mouse, its quite comfortable to palm and I would argue that the palm grip is the best grip for this mouse, though I had no issues claw gripping it as well. 

The slope to the front of the mouse is gradual which is what allows for a decent claw grip, the back of the mouse is wider than its midsection which is what fills in that palm grip so well, the wide base might cause some issues with finger tippers however.

Pretty much all Zowie mice are known for their discrete and understated design and the EC series is no different. The mouse has minimal flourishes with just a red logo in the palm section of the mouse. There are a couple of colour and design variants on the EC series that are a little more recognizable, keep in mind different versions have slighly different coatings. 

The bottom of the mouse on the EC-A series features two large feet (pictured), while the revised EC-B series has 4 small feet. There isn’t an appreciable difference between either versions, though the S series has gone back to the two large feet.

 Zowie EC1Zowie EC2
Best offerCheck priceCheck price
Product Dimensions5.03 x 2.5 x 1.6 inches
4.7 x 2.4 x 1.6 inches
Shipping Weight10.1 ounces
5.6 ounces

Build Quality & Materials

The coating on the EC series is okay, it’s not exactly glossy or matte. The materials on the EC is better suited for a dryer hand since the shape and coating helps grip very well but as a sweaty palmed gamer I do notice some build up on the mouse, not as severely as the glossier S2, but enough for me to have to clean the mouse regularly.

After a fair amount of gameplay and general usage (and clamminess), I’ve yet to see signs of shininess or scuffing yet.

This mouse is built like a tank, no rattles when shaken, no flex or creaks when squeezed. The EC series feels very solid in hand. At 93 or 97 grams the mouse is a reasonable weight for its size. 

EC2 Scroll Wheel and Buttons

The middle click is nice and tactile, its definitely a good ping mouse for Apex and any other game that uses the middle click often. The scroll wheel is a 16-step scroll and it has the signature ridiculously loud sound, probably my least favourite part of this mouse, the newer S2 hasn’t really addressed the sound so I’m assuming its an intentional choice, don’t get this mouse if you like your mouse to be quiet. 

The side buttons are a little recessed for my liking making it harder to locate in the middle of a firefight. The click itself is a little mushy and feel light, the contrast is especially stark since the primary buttons are so stiff and loud.

Sensor & Performance

The EC A and B versions have two different sensor. The A series comes with an Avago ADNS 3310, it’s a perfectly serviceable sensor but isn’t flawless in the sense that it has the potential to spin out when lifting off your mouse, otherwise it tracks perfectly.

The EC B series has the ubiquitous PMW Pixart 3360, a flawless sensor that has been proven in a ton of mice. The EC-B implementation is no different, flawless tracking, no issues with spinning out along with no smoothing, jitter or acceleration.

Zowie mice come preprogrammed with default DPI and polling rate steps. DPI on the EC series come with the following steps (corresponding colour on the mouse in brackets):

There’s no real reason to not to use the 1000 Hz mode on the EC mice, you might as well have the mouse reporting as often as possible. 

The cable on the mouse is coated with rubber and is plenty soft, the cable stays out of the way during gameplay. The EC series weighs either 93 or 97 grams depending on size which is about average for its size. The mouse is definitely a performer, the amazing shape in combination with a soft cable and an average weight makes for a very good aiming experience.

Zowie EC1 vs EC2

- Optimized for FPS Games: 3360 optical sensor with 4 levels of adjustable DPI (400/800/1600/3200) provides reliable and customizable gaming performance without any additional software
- Customized Esports Performance: Driverless adjustable report rate (125/500/1000Hz) allows you to fine-tune the mouse to your preferred setting
- Driverless plug and play allows users customize the setting without any additional software.
- Lasting Durability: 1-year limited warranty and extra mouse feet are included to keep your mouse running strong
- Made to Fit Your Hand: Choose from two sizes to ensure a perfect fit, no matter your hand size
- Designed for Competiton: The EC2’s cable is made from flexible rubber to help protect against inner wire damage when traveling to competitions. The extended 6.6ft length allows freedom of movement without the added input latency caused by wireless mice
- Optimized for FPS Games: 3360 optical sensor with 4 levels of adjustable DPI (400/800/1600/3200) provides reliable and customizable gaming performance without any additional software
- Customized Esports Performance: Driverless adjustable report rate (125/500/1000Hz) allows you to fine-tune the mouse to your preferred setting


The Zowie shapes have been proven to be a defensible advantage and until someone else comes out with a great mid-range ergonomic shape the EC series will remain a contender in this category. Zowie can further defend this category if they could only improve on the buttons and scroll wheel. 

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