Zowie EC2 B vs G403

Gaming fare is ideal for those who aim to get the best performance for their gaming experience. These mice are often very comfortable with some useful features as well such as the Zowie EC2 B Vs G403. They are slightly more expensive than typical mice but are also durable for the more stressful tasks. If you are spending many hours every week or everyday playing video games, see below about which of the two will be your better option.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What are the Differences Between Gaming and Regular Mouse
  • What are Zowie EC2 B and G403
  • How are the Design of Zowie EC2 B and G403
  • What are the Sensors of Zowie EC2 B and G403
  • What else Zowie EC2 B and G403 can offer
  • How are the Experience with Zowie EC2 B and G403
  • Zowie EC2 B Vs G403

Gaming Mouse and Regular Mouse

Our computers are a complicated system that work together to achieve what they are designed to be and what the software you have used. The hardware will act as their input processing unit, as well as a media where you will be seeing the visual representation of what is happening. One component may not work properly from time to time for various reasons such as errors or worn out and the experience won’t be the same compared to when all are working properly.

Mouse is probably the smallest of them all compared to the keyboard and monitor or processing unit but they also play a huge role in deciding how we use the computer. For example, using a standalone mouse whether it is wireless or cabled will be much better compared to using the built-in mouse in a laptop, despite how they can perform the same task. Dragging an item or navigating around with a built-in mouse is not as comfortable and effective as moving a physical object across the mouse pad.

If it is only for light tasks such as editing documents, browsing, or consuming some contents, the built-in mouse will be sufficient but for a more tedious editing or working on larger files and playing video games, a standalone mouse will be much better. Regular mouse and gaming mouse are similarly capable and often perform the same but gaming mice are enhanced on some parts to deliver a more reliable performance such as how they sustain wear better or how they are shaped for certain grip style.

When it comes to gaming mouse, as opposed to regular mouse such as Logitech Pebble M350 Vs M355 the shape is more ideal for your grip style or following the hand contour. Some are a bit larger or longer than the other to give users with bigger hand or palm grip a much better comfort. Some are low and slim for claw and fingertip style as well. Instead of symmetric, many of them are also larger on either side of the left/right panel for better support.

Another difference is usually we will find additional buttons on a gaming mouse, whether there are just two of them or nine and more, depending on what the mouse is designed for. Typically these buttons can be programmed and some are predetermined to let you have access on their profile or DPI settings. If compiled, in general gaming mice are bulkier and carry more features on board compared to regular mice, in addition to some fancy lighting which you may also see in most of them.

 Zowie EC2 BZowie G403
Best offerCheck priceCheck price
Product Dimensions5 x 2.9 x 1.8 inches
1.69 x 2.68 x 4.89 inches
Shipping Weight9.6 ounces
6.9 ounces

About Zowie EC2 B and G403

There is no obligation to choose gaming mouse over regular mouse and it is perfectly fine to go with any of them, based on what you want and which seems to fit in your application the most. As long as the mouse is working properly, any mouse can be used for gaming just like a gaming mouse is also useful for typical office jobs. But, if you want more features or a mouse that matches well with your grip style, considering a gaming mouse is a wise decision. 

If you are here then we assume gaming mouse is the better option and will help you improve the experience. When it comes to gaming mice, we have plenty of choice and many of them are from famous names as well such as BenQ and Logitech. We are sure most of you are familiar with these brands because they are everywhere and have been around for quite some time. They also carry some of the best gaming mice in the market both on price point and in overall performance.

Gaming mice are typically more expensive for the technologies they use and from the two, we have Zowie EC2 B and G405 which should be no stranger in the market. They are the favorite of many and often the go-to for anyone looking to buy a versatile gaming mouse. The EC2 B is the new addition into the family and is smaller compared to the older EC1 B. The overall design is still similar but it also has the new sensor which many people seem to like since they are very low in lift off distance.

On the other hand the Logitech G403 is also a new addition but on the Prodigy family with two variants of the mouse; wired and wireless. The mouse is in general less exciting compared to many others but if you like the fashion or simple gaming mouse like Zowie EC2 B and G405, these two are very promising and non-cluttering choices. In comparison they also work very well, especially if you tend to often readjust the mouse position very often.

Zowie EC2 B and G403 Design

Now for the next part, design or form factor is something we have to consider in a mouse because it affects the overall comfort and performance. Both of them are ideal for users with medium or large hands because the mice size is quite bulky as well. The Zowie is about 123mm long, 42mm tall, and 66mm on the widest width but the hip or mid area of the mouse is slightly narrower at 60mm. The plastic material is decent but somehow doesn’t feel as durable.

On the other hand the G403 is available in both wired or wireless with dongle so their weight will be different based on what type you opt for. The mouse comes with 10 grams of additional weight however, if you prefer a heavier mouse. Similarly, this is a right-hand mouse with an overall length of 125mm and 43mm tall with the widest width at 65mm and the middle grip at 62mm. As for the build quality, Logitech is better, the mouse feels solid all over the unit without any flimsy part.

Zowie EC2 B and G403 Sensor

Now for the most important part, let‘s see the sensor used in Zowie EC2 B and G405. Starting with the EC2 B, this mouse is paired with a 3360 sensor which is still pretty new when the mouse was released. It is not the newest anymore but the optical sensor should be working really well or delivering a great performance. The maximum sensitivity it can offer is up to 3200 DPI but you can adjust it to be as low as 400 DPI or slightly higher at 800 and doubling this number.

On the other hand, the Logitech G403 is also using an optical sensor or the PixArt PMW3366 which in comparison is also a great choice. The maximum DPI is far higher than Zowie at up to 12,000 and you can tweak this sensitivity as low as 50 DPI. Being an optical sensor, it is best to add a type of fabric or mouse pad above the surface.

Zowie EC2 B and G403 Features

On the additional features, as you can see the Zowie EC2 B and G405 are coming with two side buttons on the thumb panel which is very convenient but, Zowie is too simple since you can’t program these buttons unless it is in a game. Logitech has their G Hub software where you can set what each of these buttons can offer, including lighting, profiles, and macros. This software is also very easy to use so we do think everyone will like them. 

For those asking how to adjust DPI in Zowie, the button or slider is located at the bottom of this mouse along with the report rate options. In preset, the two thumb buttons are back/forward, the same with Logitech. 

Zowie EC2 B and G403 Experience 

Last but not least is the overall experience and the first thing we want to mention about Zowie EC2 B and G403 from Logitech is their very low lift-off distance so we often don’t really feel like lifting the mouse yet they have already stopped registering the movement. In terms of comfort, they are best for large hands and best for palm or claw style. They are similarly comfy but we personally like the G403 better and another difference is we feel like this mouse has a taller height at the front of the left/right click.

Zowie EC2 B vs G403

These mice are very comfortable for users with large hands and using palm or claw grip. The G403 is slightly wider in comparison to EC2 B and also slightly taller, especially at the front of the mouse. When it comes to performance we like both of them but usability is better with Logitech software when you have to assign different functions to each button or selecting profile and tweaking the sensor or lighting. You can also opt for the wireless variant if cable will be on your way when gaming.

- 3360 optical gaming sensor with 400/800/1600/3200 DPI to ensure ultra-accurate movements and responsiveness, giving you the advantage on the battlefield.
- Ergonomic design with multiple shapes and sizes to maximize performance and provide a comfortable gaming experience for competitive eSports players.
- Consistent tactile feedback eliminating double switch presses, ensuring efficient functionality, and sleek design.
- Adjustable report rate 125/500/1000Hz for different levels of responsiveness.
- Logitech G403 mouse for advanced gaming grade accuracy and performance
- Ergonomic, lightweight design with rubber side grips and a removable 10 gram weight for supremely comfortable grip and control
- Logitech’s most advanced optical sensor delivers unbeatable fps mouse accuracy and more
- Customize lighting from a palette of 16.8 million colors to match your style and gaming gear


You can go amazing with these popular gaming mice but, we also recommend to go with Logitech G403 because this mouse is more solid and fashion wise is also more attractive with software to ease the adjustment needed.

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