Zowie Vs Razer

Technology that is growing every day makes PC users increase. The need for a computer or laptop is something that everyone must have because of the increasing demands of work every day. Users of this technology are always looking for a product that is easy to use and not confusing. This makes many people look for additional equipment to complete their needs.

One of the additional tools is mouses. Mouses are devices that can be connected to a computer or laptop and used to move around the screen. For the sake of smooth usage, people use mouses to facilitate movement on the screen. Compared to cursors, the presence of mouses is considered to be more helpful for work so that it is more profitable for each user.

If in the past there were only a few mouses and they still looked old-fashioned, now mouses have brought modern technology that is unmatched. You can choose what kind of mouses you want to use as you wish because mouses products are not limited to the same design. You can already choose mouses without cables which will make it easier for you. But you can still choose mouses that use cables with modern technology. It all depends on your own choice.

 Zowie Razer
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The unmatched excellence of mouses has made various electronic companies launch their best products to meet the needs of society. Among these companies are Zowie and Razer. These two companies are known for their strong brands with high quality. Mouse products offered to customers always carry various advantages that are specifically presented to facilitate the movement of your digital activities.

Mouses Zowie and Razer consist of various types that can be adjusted to your liking. These two brands are very popular brands for mouses. Many customers trust these two brands because their quality doesn’t disappoint. But when you need a mouses product, of course, you have to choose one of the two brands. If you had to choose between Zowie and Razer, which would you choose? You can consider your choice through the following short review. Read also: Logitech MX Master 2S vs Logitech MX Anywhere 2S.

Zowie Mouses

Zowie is a brand that is very popular with its various electronic products. Zowie has many products such as monitors, mice, mousepads, keyboards, audio systems and so on. Among these products, Zowie mouse products have become very popular because of their unmatched quality. The mouse from Zowie has a contemporary design and looks solid.

Consisting of the EC series, FK series, ZA series, S series and Divina series, Zowie mice provide the best quality for easy use. Overall, all mouses series from Zowie are designed exclusively for right-handed users. Every user will feel how easy it is to move the Zowie mouse.

For under $ 100, Zowie’s mouses offer users a bigger room for wrist movements. The right side of the mouse is well rounded which makes the shape very comfortable in the palm. A contour-compliant design allows the user’s fingertips to hold the mouse to move fast and smoothly. There is even a design that provides better control for both claw and palm-grip users in certain series.

All mouses series from Zowie have different sizes that can be tailored to the needs of the user. You can choose extra-large, large and medium sizes that can be adjusted to the size of your palm. The 3360 sensor feature that is presented in all of its mouse’s products will provide a very pleasant surfing experience. You can move more freely without a single obstacle.

Apart from that, you can also choose 400, 800, 1600 or 3200 dpi settings for ease of use. Guaranteed quality is present in every product offered without a warranty period. Even though there is no guarantee, you can still use it freely because the product can last a long time. Zowie mouses product is wonderful to gaming need too.

Razer Mouses

Razer is a brand that is considered to have cool, modern quality products. Among the well-known Razer products are categorized in the choice of PCs, peripherals, mobile, lifestyles and many more. Each of these categories has a variety of products that can be tailored to the needs of each user. Even though they have many different products, their mouse’s products are very popular mouses products in the market.

Razer launched mouses products specifically for gaming purposes. Razer’s gaming mouses are so popular among game lovers. Even though you present mouses for gaming, that does not mean that these mouses cannot be used for other purposes. Gaming mouses launched by Razer are available from a variety of options such as wireless mouses, wired mouses, licensed mouses and mouses accessories.

Of all the types of razer mouses, all of the products have a cool and modern design. The design chosen is a game style which makes it seem modern. The cool design is complete with elegant colours and looks exclusive. You’ll also find ergonomic MMO gaming mice for left-handed users on Razer’s products.

Each gamer certainly has a different character so the needs of each gamer’s mouses are certainly not the same. Because of this, Razer always provides perfect mouses for gamers. The fastest wireless technology with the right stability will allow you to play games without a hitch. Also, Razer is working with Pixart which is an industry leader in the smart sensor field.

All gaming mice offered by Razer have high gaming accuracy and durability standards that are unmatched. You can play the game until you’re satisfied without worrying about the function of the mouses. Even more interesting, Razer’s mouses are offered for under $ 100 with a limited warranty period. Very profitable, right?

Zowie Vs Razer

- Made for Professional Esports Gamers: The EC series is the result of extensive ergonomics research and collaboration with top esports players. Each feature was chosen to increase comfort and reliability for ideal competitive performance
- Made to Fit Your Hand: Choose from two sizes to ensure a perfect fit, no matter your hand size
- Designed for Competiton: The EC2’s cable is made from flexible rubber to help protect against inner wire damage when traveling to competitions. The extended 6.6ft length allows freedom of movement without the added input latency caused by wireless mice
- Optimized for FPS Games: 3360 optical sensor with 4 levels of adjustable DPI (400/800/1600/3200) provides reliable and customizable gaming performance without any additional software
- Improved, Ergonomic Design: Rubberized side grips reduce fatigue over long use sessions
- Ridged, Rubberized Scroll Wheel for Maximum Accuracy: Small, tactile bumps increases grip and helps with more controlled scrolling in high-stakes gaming situations
- 9 Programmable Buttons: Allows for reconfiguration and assignment of complex macro functions through Razer Synapse
- Durable Mechanical Switches: Supports up to 50 million clicks, backed by a 2 year warranty


Based on these brief reviews, the Zowie and Razer mouses products look equally good. However, if you look at the performance and customer reviews, the winner is Zowie. Mouses from Zowie have a much better build quality than Razer even though they are designed with a simple form.

Zowie is more focused on performance and quality, while Razer is too focused on appearance. If you want a cool design, Razer is the right choice. But if you want a really good sensor, then the Zowie is the best choice. All Zowie mouses designs are designed to be very simple and functional. Even customers consider the Zowie mouses design to be the best among the others because they are very comfortable to wear.

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