Zowie Vs SteelSeries

Gaming peripherals are very popular today but they are also mostly made for right-handed users only. If you are someone who is looking for a mouse with versatile shape, Zowie Vs SteelSeries are more ideal to consider because they are very modest both in fashion and in price point that won’t make you stand out but also safe for most user’s preference. For those who are concerned about which of these brands can offer a better mouse, do check our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What to Look for in a Gaming Mouse
  • What are Zowie and SteelSeries
  • What Zowie and SteelSeries Look Like
  • How are the Sensor of Zowie and SteelSeries
  • How are the Features in Zowie and SteelSeries
  • How are the Performance of Zowie and SteelSeries
  • Zowie Vs SteelSeries

Gaming Mice

Video games are very popular nowadays and you can find them almost anywhere too from those we can play on console, PC, or even on your compact small device. They are fun indeed to fill your free time or when you have nothing to do but, just like anything it is necessary to match your gear with the application and for gamers, their gaming peripherals matter. Gaming keyboard or mouse affects mostly user experience because they are designed for the specific purpose.

Gaming mice specifically made to sit well below your palms and shaped to follow our hand contour which is why some of them can look unusual but, the purpose is still the same which is enhanced comfort and performance. For the performance part, we do think nowadays almost every manufacturer has a reliable technology to not fall back in this area. To ease or simplify the shopping, many of us just stick with one or two names and look for the mice that look like our previous one.

 Zowie SteelSeries
Best offerCheck priceCheck price
Product Dimensions1.06 x 5.03 x 1.45 inches1.5 x 2.99 x 4.75 inches
Shipping Weight3.2 ounces3.25 ounces

If you don’t have a favorite brand or fine with just any of them, it is actually better to consider what you need from the mouse itself so then we can get the most ideal choice. The first factor we always mention is their shape because the mouse is always on our hand and it creates fatigue for long sessions of gaming. Do consider your grip style with the mouse whether you are a palm grip user, claw grip or fingertip grip and match the mouse shape with your personal preference.

As a loose guide, a palm grip is good for handling bulkier mouse and claw grip for shorter mouse while those who have a short and smaller mouse may often hold them in fingertip style. Next is their capabilities and here a gaming mouse can offer just anything useful in the game. For example models like Razer Naga Trinity Vs Logitech G600 are made for MMO games with their lots of programmable buttons on board which you can assign for specific functions that can be accessed on the fly.

The other function is probably physical memory in the mouse that can store your profiles including the assignment of these buttons or even their RGB light setting; having them ready anytime you plug the mouse to a PC or laptop, even when they don’t have the software installed. If you have specific preference for weight, certain models can even offer an adjustable weight range with an additional weight plate that we can attach, usually at the bottom of the mouse.

About Zowie and SteelSeries

Depending on what you want from the mouse, all of those features may present in one unit and some may only have one or none at all, it all based on what the product is marketed for. Besides the features you may want to pay attention to the shape too because in general gaming peripherals are very similar to the common office type we may already have. Yet, it doesn’t mean you will always find the same exact mouse because each brand has their own uniqueness.

If you are here then we assume an ambidextrous mouse is what you look for but, not all brands will carry an ambidextrous gaming mouse. Among those you can trust, Zowie from BenQ and SteelSeries are two manufacturers that are carrying the type of mouse for your gaming purpose. Personally we prefer to stick with popular names for almost anything because high chances they will also be more reliable. These two are fairly known names in the market so you can find their products easily and not only the fancy gaming mice, they do carry some versatile options as well.

For this comparison we are only going to take one from each brand and for the Zowie, we are choosing the FK1 which is their large choice and the SteelSeries Rival 100 which is also highly praised for the reliability and overall comfort. While these two are not looking like the fancy gaming mice we used to see from various other brands, they are not very friendly to the pocket so if you wish to have them, be prepared to spend quite more than a regular office mouse.

These mice are boasting comfort and what’s more promising is they are also planted with the best technology in this price range. The two are also claimed to be tournament ready which makes them ideal if you are planning to play competitively. But, being different mouse from different companies also makes them two different options with their own charming point.

Zowie and SteelSeries Design

When people mention the FK line of Zowie, what comes in our head is a big mouse for a big hand because this is what the mouse is known for and the FK1 itself is the largest among the three options from the line. This mouse is measured at 67mm wide at the rear part and 128mm long with a highest height of 37mm and a weight of 90 grams. On the other hand the Rival 100 from SteelSeries is measured at 121mm long, 67mm wide, and 38mm tall.

As you can see from the sample picture above, they are equally ambidextrous mice so both sides are made with the same shape and size. Depending on which you are used to, for us who have been using ambidextrous mice for as long as we can remember this is the most comfortable shape but for those who have specifically used right-handed mice then they may have to readjust their style again. In addition both of them are wired mice but these are regular rubber cable or not braided.

Zowie and SteelSeries Sensor

Moving further, when it is about gaming mice, the one that is always boasted by their manufacturers seems to be the sensor and as you may already guessed, both Zowie and SteelSeries are using optical sensors which are also featured with an adjustable DPI setting. The upper limit of these sensors however are pretty high up to 3200 and 4000 DPI. These are quite a lot even though you can find most newest mice have three or four times the range.

Usually we are not going to use the top range of these mice and keep them modest around 800 or on the one thousands for typical applications to prevent the mouse becoming over sensitive. With Zowie FK1 this mouse can be adjusted to use 400, 800, 1600, or 3200 DPI while with Rival 100 you can try its wider range and finer spot at 450, 800, 1000, 1500, 1800, 2000, 2500, 3000, 3500, or the top limit.

Zowie and SteelSeries Features

Moving further we want to check their additional feature and this is about the buttons on the side of these mice. There are a total of 6 clickable buttons here of two standard right and left click combined with two thumb buttons on each side which you can program. What is not very amazing is Zowie doesn’t have software to go with this mouse and the way you program it is to press a few buttons at once which is very lacking compared to other gaming brands today.

SteelSeries actually has software to execute this function and it is much more convenient this way so we can clearly know what we are doing and whether it works or not. In addition, as you can see that only the Rival 100 here carries the RGB lighting. This lighting can be adjusted as well to follow your personal taste.

Zowie and SteelSeries Performance 

The last part we want to talk about is their performance and as a regular mouse they are working just as good. What we notice a bit different is their lift off distance because while FK1 from Zowie is acting really good by keeping the cursor still while you lift or accidentally lift the mouse, this is not what you can get with Rival 100. Even though we like this mouse better in shape and system, it moves the cursor quite noticeably when you lift the mouse.

Zowie Vs SteelSeries

These gaming mice are ideal for those who are more serious about their gaming experience because they are made to be reliable and comfortable, even for left-handed players who want to game comfortably. They have different DPI range with SteelSeries especially the Rival 100 being higher, and more ideal for players with medium hand as it is not too big or heavy while also offering software to program the mouse including the RGB. What it is not good for is lift off distance as it is greater than FK1 form Zowie.

- 3310 optical sensor with 400/800/1600/3200 DPI to give you a unique tracking experience.
- Ambidextrous design with multiple shapes and sizes to maximize performance and provide a comfortable gaming experience for competitive esports players
- Consistent tactile feedback to avoid double switch presses, ensuring efficient functionality, and sleek design
- Adjustable report rate 125/500/1000Hz for different levels of responsiveness
- Best in class sensor
- Six programmable buttons
- Customizable CPI up to 4000
- 30 million click switches


All in all we can say it is between look, comfort and performance. Personally we like the feel of SteelSeries but if you play games like CS:GO then the FK1 Zowie is probably more reliable in terms of giving better experience.

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